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9 Steps to Creating a Masterplan around a Green Structure

Masterplans are most often created through ideas of how the road network and building mass is set out.

If roads and buildings overly define urban spaces they end up with no human scale, they become uncomfortable and unsafe to move in, difficult to navigate and comprehend for the user.

We all know spaces only defined by car movements, they are plentiful both in and around towns, but when towns can only be navigated in cars they erode the centres, retail opportunities, tourism, commerce and peoples desire to live there.

This conclusively creates unviable and unattractive cities people will not thrive in and therefore will not invest in.

Cities should first and foremost be walkable, cyclable, green, connected and sustainable.

Here is how to create a Masterplan around a Green Network:

Step 1: Define the site opportunities

Step 2: Analyse the Site and its context, understand the scale of the site

Step3: Set out the green structure and concept based on the site context, the contours, the connections and permeability of the site

Step 4: Start to design individual spaces

Step 5: Set out spaces for cycling, walking and swales/sustainable urban drainage

Step 6: Link to – and incorporate existing neighbourhoods

Step 7: Set out hierarchy of streets and street design in the green structure

Step 8: Define location of retail and commercial centre/nodes

Step 9: Now consider where the buildings go within this structure

If this is the hierarchical order of the design process you will ultimately end up with a Masterplan with spatial qualities designed for people, not for cars.

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