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Urban Design

The process of designing urban and rural areas is a complex one. It is inter-disciplinary incorporating understanding of movement patterns, links, views, urban fabric, connections, functionality, social science, economy etc. 

Places which responds to the needs of its users will change lives. Accessibility, legibility and usability creates a base for life to flourish, people to meet and communities to develop and they will blossom into prosperous places.

The overall design of our environment is a major impact on public health as a high quality infrastructure such as being able to walk and cycle to work and school is important to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Previous Urban Design projects: 

Church Fields Masterplan

Dublin Docklands Master Plan 2008

Sackville Road Urban Design Study

Infirmary Road Urban Design Study

Castletown Demesne Local Area Plan

Rohan Island Prague, Czech Republic

Ein Zyanat Resort Master Plan, Libya

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